A few words on the importance of Ash Wednesday, written by my very thoughtful husband.

Monday Morning Theology


Today is Ash Wednesday, the day when Christians become freakish weirdos and smear ashes on their foreheads to remind each other that they’re going to die. At least that’s how this happy little ritual looks to outsiders.

Despite my exaggerated humor, there a lot of faithful Christians who are also unaware of Ash Wednesday. Those who grew up in churches that placed little emphasis on the traditional church calendar or liturgical practices (“Low” churches… think Non-Denoms or Baptist/Congregationalist types) probably never participated in any kind of service or remembrance. So what is Ash Wednesday and why do we participate in the ritual of imposing ashes on one another?

The church calendar sets apart special days or seasons to emphasize a particular aspect of the biblical narrative. For example, Advent is the season we prepare ourselves for Christmas as we ponder the incarnation and the humanity of God. Ash Wednesday’s particular…

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