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March 2017

Social Justice is Divisive

The truth is I am nervous to write this one. There were tears and a long conversation about how to approach the topic of social justice with my husband. This happened on International Women's Day. At first, I was wrestling with a... Continue Reading →


Living Wholly

Lesson number one, overcome Every fear of regret and confusion It’s all illusion, delusion Sent to disconnect the holy fusion Of spirit and the flesh... Josh Garrels, "The Resistance" How many of you have popped onto Instagram or Facebook and... Continue Reading →

A Brief Word on Colorblindness

“If the (color)blind lead the (color)blind, both will fall into a pit.”

Monday Morning Theology


When it comes to bridging the racial divide in our nation I hear a lot of well-meaning people suggest that society needs to become “colorblind” in order to move beyond racial tension. By this they mean that we should refuse to view each other as persons of color; that we should not acknowledge that we are black people, or white people, or brown people- but that we are simply people. The effort here is to emphasize our shared humanity rather than divide ourselves based on mere externals.

I see this as noble but misguided because to deemphasize our color is to deemphasize an important part of our individual humanity. We must not elevate our shared humanity at the expense of our individual humanity; both can be held in tension without one superseding the other.

God has made us in many different shades and colors and to practice colorblindness is to…

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Living Alongside

Loneliness is something I have struggled with all of my life. There were times that it was completely justified. I did spend many days of middle school eating alone at the lunch table and many years in the isolation of... Continue Reading →

Ash Wednesday

A few words on the importance of Ash Wednesday, written by my very thoughtful husband.

Monday Morning Theology


Today is Ash Wednesday, the day when Christians become freakish weirdos and smear ashes on their foreheads to remind each other that they’re going to die. At least that’s how this happy little ritual looks to outsiders.

Despite my exaggerated humor, there a lot of faithful Christians who are also unaware of Ash Wednesday. Those who grew up in churches that placed little emphasis on the traditional church calendar or liturgical practices (“Low” churches… think Non-Denoms or Baptist/Congregationalist types) probably never participated in any kind of service or remembrance. So what is Ash Wednesday and why do we participate in the ritual of imposing ashes on one another?

The church calendar sets apart special days or seasons to emphasize a particular aspect of the biblical narrative. For example, Advent is the season we prepare ourselves for Christmas as we ponder the incarnation and the humanity of God. Ash Wednesday’s particular…

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